How Blogging Impacts Organic Traffic

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Blogging is a powerful way to improve your online presence. Here are real organic search results from three companies that blog consistently, inconsistently, or not at all.

Consistent Blogging

Here’s an example of organic search results from a client of ours that consistently publishes about one new blog per week. You can see that the line curves steadily upward. It’s a slow climb at first because they weren’t blogging much and didn’t have many articles on their website. The line steepens more quickly as the total number of blogs increases.

Inconsistent Blogging

The next client blogs also, but not consistently. You can see there was a nice increase in organic traffic up to 2016 when there was more frequent blog activity. The line has a few ups and downs, but overall, it stayed flat. The traffic at the end of 2019 is about the same as it was in the middle of 2016.

No Blogging

Here’s an example from a client that does not blog at all. You can see that organic traffic is very flat. There’s no change to speak of year after year. The past couple of years, they added a few web pages, which is reflected in the slight uptick in organic traffic in 2019. Blogs aren’t the only thing that increases website traffic - any type of web page will help.


These reports from real clients show that:

  • Weekly blogging creates a steady increase in organic traffic.
  • Organic traffic accrues over time. The line increases faster with the more blogs you have.
  • If you don’t blog or publish new website content consistently, your organic traffic won’t grow.

Remember: the more blogs you have, the more opportunity potential customers have to find you online.

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