HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Project Case Studies

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REMEDI provides business and system integration services for B2Bi, EDI, MFT a, and EAI systems. We helped them migrate from Akken to HubSpot CRM, update their HubSpot website design, SEO copy writing, and update site architecture and navigation, and provided blog training, marketing consulting, and strategy. Read More

Worksite International

Worksite International

Worksite provides ergonomics services for small to midsize employers and workers’ compensation insurers. We helped them migrate to HubSpot CRM and website and provide ongoing inbound services for blogging, email marketing, and lead gen. Read More



DragonSpears builds custom software using Agile, DevOps, and a cloud-first mentality. We provide the additional resources they need to write SEO blog articles and promote via email marketing. We also provide data management support and ongoing strategy and consulting. Read More

Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan

Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan

CCFMM is a non-profit that develops and manages funds to further God’s work in the community. They needed additional resources to help finish a WordPress website project and launch their eTapestry donor management system. Read More

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Business and System Integration Services and Solutions for B2Bi, EDI, MFT, and EAI Systems

Goal: Improve operational efficiency & enable ROI reporting


Migrate to HubSpot CRM

  • Problem:  Remedi was using a CRM that was inefficient and ineffective. They were unable to do accurate forecasts and pipeline management.
  • Solution: We migrated from their Akken platform to the HubSpot CRM. We did all of the data cleansing, HubSpot configurations, report setups, and training. 

Migrate to HubSpot Website Platform Add-On

  • Problem: The website had a confusing navigation, very inconsistent branding (different colors, font types, CTA buttons, etc.), weak copy so it was hard to understand what they did, no SEO, and low-conversion landing pages.
  • Solution: We migrated them onto the JMP theme we developed for the HubSpot website platform. We created a brand guide, made the branding consistent across all pages, restructured their navigation, re-wrote all of their copy, and did SEO on all pages. We also created best-practices landing pages for increased lead conversion and trained them on blog best practices.

Worksite International

Ergonomics Services for Small to Midsize Employers and Workers’ Compensation Insurers

Goal: Increase visibility, build trust and value, and improve user experience and lead conversion rates


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Set Up HubSpot CRM

  • Problem: Worksite was not using a CRM at all.
  • Solution: We consolidated contact lists, cleansed the data, and imported them into HubSpot. We setup the fields and configurations, reports, and continue to provide training and support.

Migrate to HubSpot Website Platform Add-On

  • Problem: The site was very dated looking, harsh branding, confusing navigation and user experience, no SEO or true landing pages, and no way to measure results.
  • Solution: We migrated to our JMP theme on the HubSpot website platform. There wasn't enough budget to do a full redesign on every page, so some of the pages are very basic - but at least they are easier to read and follow, and we can collect data on them!

Inbound Monthly Services

We help develop landing pages, blogs, and email campaigns, and meet weekly to discuss strategy, consult, and train.


Custom Software Development Using Agile, DevOps, and a Cloud-First Mentality

Goal: Increase visibility, build trust and credibility, attract new prospects, increase engagement and retention


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Blogging & Email Marketing Services

  • Problem: Needed to find a resource to help them create best-practice SEO blog articles that address common questions and concerns throughout the sales process and promote them for greater visibility.
  • Solution: DragonSpears engages multiple people within the organization to provide a 1st draft for their weekly blog and email newsletter. We provide substantive editing, graphics, SEO, titles, metadescriptions, and email newsletter writing and publishing on HubSpot. 

Consulting and Strategic Planning

  • Problem: Want to continually improve marketing results and maximizing their HubSpot investment.
  • Solution: Review and analyze reports, and provide strategic leadership for quarterly planning sessions. 

Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan

Non-profit that Develops and Manages Funds to Further God’s Work in the Community

Goal: Increase donations and improve operational efficiency


WordPress Website Development

  • Problem: Needed website copywriting and architecture leadership to finish a WordPress website redesign. Wanted to create a better user experience and simplify donation conversion paths.
  • Solution: We coordinated with their WordPress developer on the site structure, navigation, and design, and helped with website copywriting and migrated from the old site to the new site.

eTapestry Donor Management Implementation and Support

  • Problem: Have a donation management system, eTapestry, but not enough resources internally to spend with the technical setup and process development.
  • Solution: We provide technical leadership and strategic process planning to get eTapestry up and running. Donor data analysis, consolidation, deduping, and cleansing. Setup eTapestery fields and views and import data. Fund management strategic planning and process management workflows. Coordinate with tech support on behalf of the organization.