Blog Training Boot Camp for Business Owners

On-Demand Webinar Series

The Objective

Executives will be able to author high-value blog articles that support growth initiatives.

Business owners and other senior executives hold a wealth of information about the industry and market they work in. They’re usually highly visible and well-connected. When they share their knowledge, insights, and expertise, people are more likely to listen to and trust the information. Leaders that contribute high-quality content set the stage for others throughout the organization to openly share information that advances learning and business growth.

Projected Outcomes

Increase Awareness

Increase Awareness

Become a visible and trusted industry thought leader.

Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Enhance brand affinity and grow a devoted following.

Improve Engagement

Improve Engagement

Find more qualified opportunities earlier in the sales cycle.

Advance Growth

Advance Growth

Speed up the sales cycle and improve customer success.

The Agenda

Week 1 is complete! Register and you'll get access to the on-demand version plus the upcoming webinars. We'll meet weekly on Thursdays @ noon PST / 3:00 pm EST for 45 minutes online. Sessions will be recorded.


Session 1

1. Set success metrics
2. Identify your target audience
3. Outline key blog topics


Session 2

4. Choose keywords for SEO

5. Brainstorm catchy titles

6. Write a draft (template included)


Session 3

7. Choose and optimize images

8. Optimize for lead conversion

9. Optimize for search engines


Session 4

10. Create promotion plan

11. Repurpose for greater ROI

12. Collaborate with a pro blogger

The webinar series is hosted by Krista Moon, owner of Moon Marketing. Krista has 12-years outside sales experience and over 9-years experience as a business owner. She has written over a thousand blogs and web pages that have consistently driven organic website traffic, converted visitors into leads, and aided the sales process.

Companion Tools and Templates

Available for All Attendees


Goal Worksheet


Buyer Persona Worksheet


SEO Worksheet


Blog Draft Template


Email Marketing Worksheet


Social Media Worksheet


Content Publishing Worksheet


+ More Resources

Blog Training Boot Camp for Business Owners

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When business owners and executives have the full picture of how to write effective blog posts, they can engage in the process themselves and ensure that the articles others are writing and promoting on behalf of the organization truly add value to customers and prospects - and get maximum ROI.

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