Improve Sales Performance and Pipeline Visibility

Build your growth-driven CRM system!

CRM and Sales

Construct a scalable CRM that streamlines sales and marketing operations and enables data-driven decision-making.

Contact the Right People

Have accurate key investor, customer, potential customer, and other essential data at your fingertips.

Use the Best Messaging

Create and analyze sales messaging to discover and systematize the best way to start a conversation.

Increase Productivity

Use simple and effective sales tools to spend more time closing deals and less time on admin.

Expand as Your Business Grows

HubSpot has free tools to get started, then expand into more features as you need them.

205,000+ customers in over 135 countries grow their businesses with HubSpot.

HubSpot has all of the tools startups need to create the foundation for scalable, strong revenue growth. Get an affordable, powerful tech stack and use our services to onboard quickly and correctly.

What We Do

Here are the steps we take to build your customized CRM.

CRM Configuration

CRM Configuration

Make it easy to find and connect with the investors and prospects with the right properties and workflows.

Pipeline Development

Pipeline Development

Create investor and sales deal pipelines to get a clear view of your growth trajectory.

Data Import

Data Import

Consolidate data spread across email, spreadsheets, or other technologies into a centralized CRM.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and Reports

Use starter dashboards to begin analyzing and tracking your sales outcomes. 

View and Lists

View and Lists

Build views and lists to segment buyers for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.



Quickly get onboarded and trained on how to effectively use HubSpot to start and manage sales conversations.

3 Ways We Help Build Your HubSpot CRM

Call in our special forces, and together, we will ensure a successful growth trajectory.

1. Guided

You do it with our guidance.

Expert guidance, feedback, advice, and recommendations to answer all of your questions, help you upskill quickly to bootstrap a CRM that is set up for growth.

2. Collaborative Onboarding

We do it together.

Working meetings, expert guidance, and as-needed supportive services. We pick up the pieces that you don’t have the time, skills, or resources to do.

3. Turnkey

We do it for you.

Full supportive services to set up your new CRM. You stay focused on the revenue line, and let us handle the time-sucking details.

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See how we’ve helped startups like yours achieve impressive funding and growth.

Listen to Rob Wilson, VP of Marketing at VivoSense, an early-stage digital health company, describe how Ascend Business Growth helped them achieve the next level of growth.

“She was integral to building both pieces of the client relationship management software and the website in HubSpot. Our company, about a year and a half ago, raised a $25 million series A round to finance the next stage of the company's growth.

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