The Benefits of Blogging for Business Leaders

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The Benefits of Blogging for Business Leaders

I evaluate a lot of company websites and their online presence. The first few things I look for are whether or not they have a blog, if the articles lean more company-centric or customer-centric, and who the authors are.

The Internet is flooded with content. Not every article is going to be a hit, but posts that are interesting and compelling to the right audience can drive website traffic and leads for years. The best articles usually come from people in the trenches: business leaders and industry experts who are actively working in the field. They bring unique insights, advanced learning, and fresh perspectives that drive the conversation forward.

In the following articles, I explored some of the important benefits businesses realize when leaders engage in the blogging process. When you read the titles, you may think they contain the same information. But each blog has a slightly different take. Check them out! Comment below and share what you think about blogging.

Why Blogging is Important for Business Growth

In this post, I acknowledge the investment it takes to create good blogs. Then I outlined some reasons why it’s worth the effort and addressed the power shift from sellers to buyers. Sellers don’t hold the information buyers need to make decisions anymore. The majority of it is freely available online.
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Why Blog?

The day I wrote this, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the content flowing my way. Content overload! I asked myself: Why bother blogging and add to the plethora of information online? Won’t my articles just get ignored like the zillions of other posts do? Here’s the answer I came up with.
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Why Blogging Should Be Your #1 Marketing Priority

This article is a down and dirty recap of some of the key benefits business realize when they start writing good blog articles that align with the sales process. I also included several links to other posts that address common questions and concerns about starting a blogging program.
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