8 Characteristics of a Top-Notch Business Blog

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The most successful business blogs share the following eight characteristics. How does your blog strategy stack up?

Blog articles, the backbone of digital and content marketing, empower businesses to share their expertise, industry insights, and other essential information buyers need. This content not only attracts traffic and sales leads but also equips sellers with the confidence and information they need to communicate quickly and effectively with prospects.

Here are eight characteristics of business blogs that consistently deliver real value for all stakeholders: buyers get the information they need in a timely manner, and businesses have more qualified sales conversations. 👍

8 Characteristics of a Top-Notch Business Blog

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Visually Appealing

Great design and simple formatting draw people in by making it easy to read and understand the key concepts of the blog articles.

Awesome Content

Highly relevant, customer-centric content with great headlines increases the likelihood of people finding, reading, and trusting the company blog.


Continuous promotion of both old and new blogs via social media, email marketing, paid advertising, and co-marketing drives a steady flow of website traffic.

Supports Sales

Sellers regularly use blog articles in their one-to-one sales efforts to pique interest, educate leads, overcome objections, and build trust and credibility.

Interactive and Actionable

Strategically planned call-to-actions and internal links increase opportunities for people to learn more, stay engaged, and move forward in the sales process.

Search Friendly

Carefully planned keywords and on-page SEO increases page rankings and makes it easy for people to find blogs that address their questions and concerns.

Easy Connect and Share

Prominent social share, social connect, and subscription buttons expand reach by making it easy for people to see and share articles with their social network.


Continual analysis of goals, results, and user behavior improves sales and marketing ROI by helping business leaders make informed, data-driven decisions.


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