Why Blogging Is Important for Business Growth

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Why blogging is important for business growth.

Good, consistent blogging takes a lot of time, resources, and money to produce articles that your prospects will want to read. But even more importantly, it requires strong leadership to create a culture shift to get key employees to commit to sharing their expertise and experiences in a blog format. (Side note: I'm not suggesting they have to write articles, but good blogging requires their participation.)

Is blogging really worth the investment? Well, let's see...

Prospects Are Searching for Information Online

Blogging is a critical component for getting found online.

  1. It helps you rank on search engines for keywords relevant to your solution.
  2. By promoting your articles on social media and through email marketing, more of your target prospects will notice you.
  3. Blog articles increase the number of pages on your website, giving you more chances to get found. (A 10-page website has ten chances to get found, whereas a 100-page website has a hundred chances to get found.)

If you're not blogging, you're greatly reducing your chances of getting found. Period.

Prospects Are Researching Solutions Online

The majority of prospects are already almost 60% of the way through the sales process before they're ready to talk to a salesperson. They're doing online research to try to figure stuff out on their own and get a baseline level of knowledge before they talk to potential vendors.

You can have the best solution in the world, but if your website doesn't have the information prospects need to do their research, they won't know anything about you or the value you provide. And if you're competitors are blogging, and you aren't, that's even worse. They have the upper hand on impacting prospects' decision making in their favor.

Prospects Are Judging Your Online Presence

From the first moment your prospect learns about you, they're immediately judging you by the quality and value of your online presence. If it's uninformative, poorly designed, or doesn't have interesting information, they won't stick around long enough to learn anything about you. You'll never have the opportunity to engage them.

If those things matter to you, then yes, blogging is that important!


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