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Example of How to Be Resilient in Business - and Life

Improving resilience speeds recovery from life’s curve balls. Here’s my story of resiliency from job loss, divorce, and cancer - all at once.

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The Ethical Conundrum of Propaganda in Business

Although there may be benefits to our collective welfare from propaganda's "manufactured consent," the potential for manipulation cannot be ignored.

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The Impact of Trust on Business Relationships, Success, and Outcomes

If you have a business, mission, or objective that you're passionate about, you're probably excited to get the word out and make things happen.

The hardest - and most essential - part of advancement and growth is building the team, processes, and systems that enable you to accomplish your objectives. As technological advances speed up and customers shift ever faster from one platform to the next, building a collaborative team of specialists is essential for sustainability and growth. Whom you choose to bring into your inner circle and place trust in to help advance your mission is essential to your outcomes. So how do you know who to trust?

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Moon Marketing Rebrands to Ascend Business Growth!

We’ve rebranded! When we added Moon Marketing as a DBA back in 2013, we thought it had a nice ring to it. It’s alliterative, Moon is my last name, it’s descriptive, and it’s a fun theme to play off (space) - so why change it? There is one primary reason why we decided to make the shift.

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