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Creating a Pitch Deck: Essential Slides, Tips and Templates

After connecting with a potential investor and booking a meeting, you might think now what? How can I sell my company to this investor? You'll need a solid pitch deck with information on your company. While you could go into every detail because you know your business inside and out, investors don't want to sit and listen to you go on and on. They want to know why you'd be a good investment for them.

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Comprehensive MedTech-Life Science Investor List

We did some research and created a spreadsheet of MedTech-Life Science investors. Check it out and discover who can best support your growth trajectory!

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Comprehensive MedTech Conference List

Determine which events can best support your MedTech business development initiatives with this comprehensive list of MedTech conferences.

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Highlights from the Project MedTech Midwest Showcase Pitch Competition

On May 8, 2024, Project MedTech hosted a MedTech Pitch Competition at the mHUB Innovation Center in Chicago, IL. Here's a recap of the startups that pitched, the investors who participated in the panel discussions, and companies that did the fast rounds, along with what I learned about sales and marketing for startups and where we can add value to their growth trajectory.

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A Marketing Success Story: From Startup to $25M Series A and Beyond

Rob Wilson, VP of Marketing at VivoSense, describes how Ascend Business Growth was instrumental in helping the early-stage company achieve the next level of growth.

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Biotech Content Marketing Basics for Improved ROI

Most biotech companies regularly create marketing content such as webinars, presentations, publications, posters…the list goes on (press releases, web pages, blog articles, social posts). Creating and promoting content is essential for advancing growth. Getting the right content in front of the right people increases awareness, builds trust and credibility, and generates opportunities.

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Biotech Website Basics to Optimize User Engagement

Your website is most likely the first impression your potential customers or other key stakeholders will get about your biotech. It only takes mere seconds for someone to form an opinion based on their user experience.

A well-structured site gives visitors a feeling of competency and trust. In addition, it encourages them to engage with your company, creating more opportunities to help you accomplish your business goals and objectives. Here are four biotech website basics required for developing a digital presence optimized for your biotech company’s growth.

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SEO Basics to Get Your Biotech Found Online

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, and some of those searches are inevitably related to your science and mission. Search engines index websites based on the content found on each web page. The only way your target audience even has a chance to find your website organically is by optimizing your pages for words and phrases relevant to your business.

Here are the search engine optimization, or SEO, basics required to increase your biotech company’s online visibility and get found and noticed by people interested in your industry, company, and science.

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