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Why Co-Marketing is the #1 Way to Get Leads and Followers

Double your outreach and cut your expenses in half! Watch this video with sales guru Debbie Mrazek, President at The Sales Company, to learn how fostering a co-marketing relationship can take be a game-changer for your sales growth.

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What is Co-Marketing?

Growing an email list and generating leads online is a solid business growth strategy, but can be painfully slow. Co-marketing is one of the most effective ways I've seen companies expedite the process. I've seen companies get 10,000 to 20,000 new followers using this type of strategic marketing campaign.

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Intro to Co-Marketing Webinars: Roles, Responsibilities, and Benefits

Co-marketing is when two or more companies that aren't direct competitors but share a similar target audience, work together on a marketing campaign. (Like a lawn care company and a tree trimming company.) Through co-marketing, you can achieve remarkable feats that would otherwise be impossible.

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