Hiring a Blog Writer: Will You Lose Your Voice?

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Hire a blog writer

One of the main concerns I hear about hiring a blog writer is that people are afraid they’ll lose their voice – that the articles won’t accurately reflect their own thoughts, opinions, and expertise. Truthfully, that could potentially happen, but it doesn’t have to! Read more to find out two approaches you can take to hiring a writer.

1. Fast and Cheap Articles

With this approach, you give the writer a topic and let them write the article with minimal input from you. Writers often do have expertise in certain areas, so if you find someone that understands your industry, they should be able to write decent articles without much feedback.

  • Benefit: It saves you a significant amount of time, and is usually less expensive.
  • Disadvantage: The article is written from the experience of the author, not based on your expertise and experience in the field. The author may also write similar articles for other people too, which can devalue your company's online presence.

Fast and cheap leans more toward quantity vs. quality. The more articles you have on your site, the easier you will be able to get found by potential prospects. It’s a simple numbers game: a 1000-page website has 100 times more chances to get found than a 10-page website.

The question to keep in mind is: what will your prospects find when they get to your website? Do your articles differentiate you from your competition, or can they go to your competitors and find the same information?

2. Investment Articles

With this approach, you work closely with the writer and give them your perspective on the topic at hand. You tell them as many details as you can about what you want the article to say, and then they write it up on your behalf.

  • Benefit: The article contains your knowledge and point-of-view organized in a neat little package by a professional writer. You can ensure your blogs align closely with the questions and concerns you hear from prospects and offer intriguing insights that get them thinking differently.
  • Disadvantage: It takes significantly more time and cost more money.

You might wonder: why bother hiring a writer if you have to tell them precisely what to write anyway? Writing – good writing – is hard work. It takes time and skill to figure out how to organize the words on the page.

For most people, it’s much easier to to do a brain dump (first draft) by either recording yourself talking about a topic, jotting down bullet points, or quickly writing out your thoughts. From there, you can trust the writer to do all the special things necessary to make a profitable blog article.

Plus, sometimes you need to do research for your article. The writer can do the legwork of finding the answer, saving you a lot of time trying to figure it all out on your own.

If you and your writer invest a significant amount of time and thought into creating an article that is highly relevant to your target audience, it could generate website traffic and leads for you for a long, long time.

The investment article approach takes some time to ramp-up. You and the writer have to get to know each other and learn how to work together. But once you get the blog machine running, you’ll start consistently developing high-quality content that will make your online presence shine.


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