5 Ways Marketing Videos Can Boost Your Sales Pipeline

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Here are 5 ways marketing videos benefit the sales pipeline and growth plan and 4 tips to ensure success!

Embracing the power of video content marketing can transform your online presence, captivate your audience, and elevate your sales pipeline. Here are some details about what outcomes you can expect from incorporating marketing videos into your growth plan and tips for ensuring your efforts are successful.

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5 Benefits of Marketing Videos on the Sales Pipeline

1. Increased Content Accessibility

People learn differently and gravitate toward certain types of information. Websites with diverse multimedia aspects, such as videos, reach a broader range of learning styles. Transcribing and adding closed captions (CC) to your videos allows people to read, watch, and hear your content, which helps with understanding and retention.

2. Knowledgeable Qualified Leads That Are Ready to Buy

People increasingly rely on online videos to advance their knowledge and interests outside of structured school or training. Videos can help prospective customers self-educate and prepare to opt into the sales process.

3. Better Sales Conversations

Sellers can use marketing videos in their sales sequences, templates, and individual communications to address questions and concerns that typically arise during the buyers’ journey. Well-informed buyers are more likely to purchase - and make better customers!

4. Higher Search Engine Rankings

Videos increase the user time on the site, which helps your SEO ranking. CC and transcripts add text that search engines can crawl to help them properly index the web page, which is another bonus. Overall, websites with diverse multimedia – videos, images, infographics, audio - also outrank websites solely with text and images.

5. A Larger Audience

If people like your videos, they will subscribe to your channel and opt to see more, providing your company with another open line of communication with people interested in your topic. For example, if a video is on YouTube, you can link the YouTube video back to your website and become an email subscriber or, better yet, a sales lead. On the flip side, if you embed the YouTube video on your website, the user can easily click on your YouTube channel and subscribe there to get notifications of new video uploads to your channel.

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4 Tips for Ensuring Success

These three tips are universal, but they are good reminders because, too often, we focus too heavily on one area and not enough on the others. It takes all three to get the best results from your efforts!

1. Have the Right Skills

Know what you’re doing or work with people who do. Even simple strategic or technical misses can tank results or worse. You know what they say: “Slow down to speed up.”

Speaking of slowing down, heavy content videos can slow web page load times, which is very bad for SEO, so watch out for that! And a great video with no strategy can lead to huge, missed opportunities.

2. Create a Good Plan

Having a plan goes without saying, but having a good plan is another story! There’s a lot to consider: what the message should be, who will script and produce it, how you’ll brand it, what platform will host it, how long it will be, how you’ll promote it, and more.

3. Map Your Metrics

Numbers! What do you hope the result will be from doing these videos? How will you know if the time and resources invested in creating and promoting marketing videos will pay off?

Some metrics that can clue you in include video views, time watched, website bounce rate, average time per pageview, number of incoming leads, time in deal stage, deal stage conversion rates, and keyword rankings.

4. Keep at It

With all that said, don't let the seemingly complex process of creating videos detour you. It can be easy to let perfection be the enemy of good, preventing progress. Most people require practice to become good at something, so the most important thing is to get started and keep learning! Take it one step at a time, and it won't be long before you figure out the best, most efficient way to create and use marketing videos for your business.

If you do those four things, you’ll have a successful video content marketing program.

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Video Marketing Consensus from Around the Web

Want to learn more? Here are some links to articles with a brief synopsis from around the web that share their ideas and insights about the value of marketing videos and some technical details about how to them to your website.

Why Do It

The consensus is in from around the web: it’s time to invest in video marketing. Here are a few articles we scraped off Google with a brief recap about using videos to improve sales and marketing results.

50 Advantages and benefits of using video on your website

If you’re not convinced that videos are a good marketing investment yet, this article provides 50 reasons to consider it!

Using Video to Improve Your SEO: HUGE Benefits (And How to Do it)
Dwell time is crucial for SEO; this refers to the duration users spend on your webpage. Incorporating videos on your website intrigues your visitors, enhancing dwell time and fortifying your website’s SEO.

Pages enriched with diverse multimedia elements deliver a superior user experience. Restricting your website to text content risks being overshadowed by competitors’ pages featuring images, videos, infographics, and more.

Why You Should Put Video On Your Website
Captivate visitors by featuring embedded videos on your website, encouraging them to linger longer and enhancing dwell time while decreasing bounce rates. Most visitors favor video content over text, so they readily absorb information.

This increased engagement translates into higher conversion prolonged time on your page heightens the likelihood of actions such as signing up for newsletters, contacting your company, or making a purchase.

Why You Should Add Videos to Your Website
Adding videos to your website is a great way to showcase your company’s brand and build trust with the user. When you showcase your product or services in a video, the user can place a person within the company, making them more trustworthy.

Videos help your brand to stand out. Adding your videos across multiple platforms allows your content to be reached in various ways, helping you rank higher on Google.

Benefits of Adding Videos on a Website
In today’s fast-paced world, the preference for concise, engaging content is more evident than ever. Videos have become a favored medium because they deliver messages swiftly and effectively. With time at a premium, people often opt for the convenience of pressing play on a video, enabling them to multitask while absorbing the intended information seamlessly. As attention spans shrink and demands for efficiency rise, the brief nature of videos aligns perfectly with how audiences consume content.

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A Few Technical Tips

Transcription vs. Captioning: What’s the Difference
CC (closed captioning) are the words that appear on the video as you are watching it. A video transcript is a long-form text you can read. Both CC and transcription provide benefits to your videos. Not only do they provide accessibility to your content, but they boost your SEO and keyword ranking.

Having transcriptions for your videos allows search engines to read the content the video offers and, in return, increase your ranking. CC is a great option as well; not only do they help with accessibility, but they are often legally required. CC also helps viewers retain and comprehend the content, and a bonus to using captions is that they increase your view time by 12%!

Is It Better to Embed Videos or Link to Them?
Embedded videos allow users to view the video on your website and keep the user on your website or blog posts instead of losing that dwell time to another platform. By linking a video, the user is then redirected to the hosting website, boosting your channel, and the user can easily copy-paste and share the link.

How to Add Videos to Your Website that Look Great, Play Everywhere, and Without Programming Knowledge
This article provides detailed insight into adding videos to your website through external linking via YouTube and the codes to use.

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