3 Ways to Ease the Burden of Blogging

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3 Ways to Ease the Burden of Blogging

The thought of sitting down, hashing out ideas and forming them into a blog post for your business blog is daunting. It’s so hard to find the time and make it a priority! I even struggle myself: do I do client work or my own blog?

For example, as I’m writing this, I feel a lot of pressure because I have a meeting tomorrow that I HAVE to prepare for. Technically, I should be doing that right now. Instead, I’m writing this blog because I know it is a critical part of my business growth strategy.

So that begs the question: how do you find time to blog in an already over-worked schedule? Here are 3 ways you can ease the burden and make blogging easier.

1. Ask Your Team to Contribute

The task of blog writing becomes much less dreadful if it only happens once a month or less, as opposed to writing several posts a week. So why not ask members of your team to contribute to the blog, too?

Many times, team members have valuable expertise and ideas that they’d like to share anyway. After all, everyone brings something different to the table and two heads (or five, 10 or 20) are better than one.

2. Accept Submissions for Guest Bloggers

Another option for attaining blog content is accepting submissions for guest blog posts. Whether you’re in a position to pay guest bloggers or simply offer an opportunity for free publicity (you may be surprised how many writers will write for the exposure if your blog has a decent audience), guest bloggers can be a great way to get content on your blog.

3. Hire a Blog Writer

Let’s face it...we all like to do what we’re good at and what comes naturally to us. Writing isn’t necessarily for everyone. Sometimes the best solution — and one that often pays for itself in terms of time, efficiency and ROI — is to collaborate with a blog writer. I mean, why not pass the torch over to someone whose forte is, in fact, writing?

Take Away

I’m not going to lie, no matter which route you go blogging is going to take some resources, either time (to some degree) or money. But these 3 tips can ease the burden of blogging. The good news is that if done correctly, your investment in blog articles will drive leads and sales for your company.


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