Using Psychology to Level Up B2B Sales Interviews

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"Every bad hire hurts a company's wallet but, for sales leaders, bad hires can impact their credibility and career. " ~Anita Nielsen

Reduce Hiring Risk and Find Best-Fit Sales Talent

Finding top sales professionals that are a good fit for your company and team seems tougher than ever, and nothing is worse for pipeline and revenue growth than a bad hire. Sales leaders must hire sellers who can meet or exceed their growth objectives, easily assimilate to the sales culture, and thrive under their leadership. To do this, they need to go beyond standard interview questions and personality assessments when hiring.

Watch this interview with two sales gurus, Anita Nielsen, sales performance coach, best-selling author, and president of LDK Advisory Services, and Debbie Mrazek, sales expert, author, and president of The Sales Company. They discuss how to use psychology during sales interviews to identify elite sales professionals that can be successfully coached up to top performers.

  • Why psychology is the missing link to a powerful sales interview
  • How psychology can help Sales Leaders recognize best-fit sales candidates
  • How to analyze a candidate’s responses post-sales interview to identify your ideal sales hire
  • Other ways psychology can help sellers be more effective in their sales motion

Watch this discussion about how to hire the best!

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Reduce Hiring Risk and Find Best-Fit Sales Talent

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About Anita Nielsen and Debbie Mrazek

The Sales Gurus

Anita Nielsen

Anita Nielsen

Anita Nielsen is a Sales Performance Coach, Consultant, bestselling author of Beat the Bots: How Your Humanity Can Future-Proof Your Tech Sales Career, and also referred to as The Sales Sensei. Using her 20+ years of trench experience in technology sales and support, Anita teaches B2B sales professionals around the globe how to leverage key principles of human psychology to help buyers make their decision in the seller’s favor. In working with Anita, sales leaders and professionals learn to level up their performance and create customers for life using their humanity as a powerful differentiator.

Debbie Mrazek

Debbie Mrazek

Debbie Mrazek began her unplanned career in SALES at Texas Instruments on the dusty plains of west Texas in 1978 while attending Texas Tech University. She went on to enjoy a very successful career selling semiconductors and printed circuit boards for others before starting her own successful SALES consulting company in Dallas, Texas, The Sales Company. Today she has clients large and small all over the world and remains committed to the fact SALES is the way to GROW your business.

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