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Example Outline of Digital Marketing Campaigns that Drive Conversion

Here are 4 steps to create and launch digital marketing campaigns that increase lead conversion, including a projected budget and timeline.

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Expert HubSpot Agency Drives Impressive Revenue Growth in 2 Months

Shari Levitin Group wanted butts in seats for a virtual sales masterclass they were running and hired ABG to promote the campaign using HubSpot and inbound principles. The result was a full class that met revenue projections, boosted website traffic, and increased prospect engagement online. Listen to Jack Siney, COO at Shari Levitin Group, discuss the results from the campaign and his experience working with ABG.

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How to Effectively Onboard a New Marketing Hire or Agency

You’re ready to take the leap and hire an outsourced marketing agency or internal hire to help advance your business growth to the next level. It’s a scary endeavor because if you’re like most of the other companies I’ve talked to, you’ve been burned in the past. Something about this new hire intrigues you, but the last thing you want to do is waste more time and money. How can you ensure that things will be different this time?

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What it Takes to Hit the Next Level of Company Growth

During a webinar with Hustle Fund, Gaurav Agarwal, Chief Growth Officer at ClickUp (valued at $4b), shared valuable insights on getting to $3M ARR. Here's a recap of some of the key points about how to drive aggressive growth during the early phase of a business:

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The Ethical Conundrum of Propaganda in Business

Propaganda can be dated back to 1622 when Pope Gregory XV created "a commission of cardinals charged with spreading the faith and regulating church affairs in heathen lands."1 The ability to control societal thoughts and opinions through propaganda has always been a valuable asset; therefore, this ability will always be pursued. However, the power to manipulate people's thinking comes at an ethical price.

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