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A 10-Step Strategic Marketing Plan

Answer these 10 questions to create a strategic marketing plan that clearly outlines your approach to business growth.

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Building Blocks of a Strong Sales and Marketing Foundation

Here are 16 building blocks for an impenetrable sales and marketing system. Do you have the skills, resources, budget, and plan ready to drive growth?

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Example Outline of  Digital Content Marketing that Drives Conversions

Here are 4 steps to create and launch digital content marketing that increase lead conversion, including a projected budget and timeline.

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Example of a Full Digital Marketing Plan and Budget

Most business and marketing leaders know they need to include digital marketing as part of their business growth plans: things like blogging, email marketing, social media, paid advertising, and website development. They’re often already doing bits and pieces of it, depending on the skills, resources, and budget they have available to get the work done. However, gaps in the strategy can cause a disjointed approach that detracts from the potential return on investment.

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How to Map Out a Sales and Marketing Plan

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is that finding and engaging potential customers is becoming increasingly technical and complex, and it’s all too easy to waste money on strategies that don’t get the desired results.

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Resources for Creating a Marketing Strategy for Your Organization

Every company has a sales and marketing plan, but more often than not there are gaps, missing pieces, and weak spots. Here are some articles and resources that can help you deepen your understanding of sales & marketing strategy development and determine if your current plan is working to its full potential to meet your business growth objectives.

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Marketing Tactics Every Business Should Avoid Like the Plague

You know what they say: You have to spend money to make money. But finding the right marketing tactics to invest in can be tricky, and the consequences have a huge impact on an organization’s growth trajectory - either positively or negatively.

Here are 2 common ways businesses often lose money on their marketing investments. Avoid them like the plague!

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Examples of Smaller Monthly Inbound Marketing Plans

I recently introduced you to my ideal monthly inbound marketing plan. If you want to get the fastest results with the maximum amount of help and support, it's definitely the way to go – hands down. If you do that plan, you'll have qualified sales leads, shorter sales cycles, and increased revenue in no time.

However, there is an issue with that plan that I'd like to address – it can be too much of an investment in time and money for a small company.

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