Example of Monthly B2B Digital Marketing for Early-Stage Companies

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This infographic outlines the digital marketing deliverables you can expect each month when the plan is firing on all cylinders.

Once the sales and marketing foundation is built, the fun can begin! Every company is unique in its goals and objectives and how to get there, but if you can get all of these cylinders running effectively, only good things can happen for your business. The more gas you put in (budget and resources), the faster you can go (deliverables and outcomes).

The plan outlined in the following infographic shows a reasonable level of marketing initiatives for a small team (1 or 2 people). But remember: many skills are required to do all the various tasks, so one person may need specialized help to get certain things done—and make sure they're done well.

A plan like this with an outsourced agency like ours would cost between $5K and $12K per month. (A high-level projection!) The cool thing about working with an agency vs. hiring someone internally is that an agency has all the specialized skills required and is experienced, efficient, and productive because they work with multiple clients.

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Example of Monthly B2B Digital Marketing

Strategy & Consulting

Brain time! Review analytics and reports, meet regularly with key stakeholders to collaborate and keep the projects moving forward, and optimize strategic plans.

Growth-Driven Website Design

The website is the hub of all sales and marketing activities. It’s not something you can set and forget. Continually review site analytics for areas that need to be optimized and create new content or functions to align with company goals and objectives.

Lead Gen Campaigns

Prospective customers like to self-educate throughout the sales process. Create or optimize touchpoints - improve conversion rates on key landing pages or create ebooks, webinars, papers, or other downloadable content or interactive campaigns to address typical prospect questions or concerns as they move toward a buying decision.

Blog Campaigns

Blog articles are essential for driving website traffic, improving SEO, and getting prospects engaged with your website. Consistently publish at least one new optimized educational or industry news article weekly.

Email Marketing

Regular communication with customers and prospects is essential to building relationships. You know what they say—out of sight, out of mind! Regular emails to target lists will help sellers and marketers nurture leads, keep customers engaged, find new opportunities, and close deals faster.

Social Media

Being active on social media helps sales and marketers expand their reach, drive more traffic to the website, and find and connect with potential customers. Schedule daily social media posts to promote various digital content and relevant curated content. It doesn't stop there, though! Consistent monitoring and engagement strategies are required.

Paid Advertising

Targeting segmented groups with paid advertising that promotes quality content helps sellers and marketers quickly expand their reach to new potential customers and increase website traffic. Launch and manage ads consistently each month to promote various lead-generation campaigns and digital marketing content.

Sales Enablement

Sales and marketing alignment is essential for getting a good ROI. B2B digital marketing includes lead scoring, list development, and assisting sellers with writing sales scripts and templates that align with the marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s all about the search! On-page, off-page, and technical SEO, directories and citations, and link building are included to ensure the company maximizes its opportunity to rank for its target keywords and phrases.


One of the fastest ways to get in front of new potential customers and convert them to leads is to partner with companies that are not your direct competitors but share the same audience. Dedicate time to finding influencers, building relationships with them, and creating synergistic co-marketing programs.


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