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Typography Examples and Best Use Cases [Infographic]

Typography is a core element of your brand. The right font attracts readers, helps define the visual representation of your company, and makes your content more interesting and readable. Deciding which font to use can be confusing because there are so many options to choose from! In this infographic, you’ll see typography examples from a variety of brands, along with recommendations for best use cases.

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Choosing the Right Fonts: Understanding Typography Basics

You might think that understanding typography is only important for a graphic designer, but everyone uses fonts. In the business world, executives and sellers frequently have to put together presentations, proposals, business plans, and more - and they don’t always have the luxury of having a graphic designer at the ready to help them.

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7 Signs You Have a Bad Website [Infographic]

Nine times out of ten, the first place your prospects go is your website. If they don’t like what they see or can’t quickly find the information they’re looking for, they’re gone. Lost opportunity. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced a bad website that leaves us groaning in frustration. The truth is that a lousy site makes your company look lousy. It destroys trust and credibility.

Sometimes business leaders have blinders on when it comes to their company’s online user experience. It’s kind of like a parent that thinks their kid can do no wrong. On the following infographic, my team and I outlined some of the most common website problems that might be turning potential customers away. If they look familiar, it’s time to rethink your web strategy.

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Blog Readability: Is Your Blog Easy or Hard to Read?

Sometimes I come across articles I want to read, but it physically hurts my eyes to look at them. I get so much information thrust in front of me every day that I'm forced to pick and choose very carefully which articles I dedicate my time to. (I wish I could read all day, but work must get done!)

When I find an article I want to spend time on, my curiosity has been piqued and I look forward to getting the information. If I find it difficult to read (visually or textually), I end up feeling let down. And then I furrow my brows, click my tongue, and quickly leave the website.

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4 Types of Logos That Express Your Brand's Vision

The importance of a quality logo is obvious: it's the first thing people associate with your company. Despite this, many companies have messy, confusing logos that don't attract attention. A base knowledge of 4 types of logos can help you understand how different styles function. More importantly, it can help you decide which logo type will express your brand's vision.

These are 4 logo styles that are most commonly used. While you look through the list, think about what styles stand out to you the most, and how each style might change how you brand your company.

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