Co-Marketing Webinar Overview and What to Expect

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Co-Marketing Webinar Overview and What to Expect

Growing an email list and generating leads online is a solid business growth strategy, but can be painfully slow. One of the most effective ways I've seen companies expedite the process is to host, present at, or sponsor a co-marketing webinar. I've seen companies that have been able to get 10,000 to 20,000 new followers using this type of strategic marketing campaign.

A co-marketing webinar is a coordinated marketing event between 2 or more parties that share a similar target audience.

For example, a tree trimming company and a lawn care company share a similar audience but offer different services. By participating in a co-marketing webinar, they can "share" their following with one another and expand into new marketing channels.

What to Expect

Each co-marketing agreement is determined in advance of the campaign, but the expectation is that each involved party will promote the event to their target audience, which creates a wider network than an individual has on their own. All involved parties get the list of event registrants to review for ongoing sales and marketing initiatives in accordance with global, federal, and state regulations.

The webinar recording can also be made available, which can be a goldmine for ongoing content development. You can repurpose it for an on-demand offer on your website, blog articles, social posts, and sales campaigns.

The Requirement: High-Value Content

*Important note: The webinar is not a direct product or service promotion. It's not a commercial. It's an educational forum on topics that are of high value to the target audience. The goal is to build trust and credibility with your thought leadership knowledge. When you do that, followers and leads will come.

By using strategically planned questions on the event registration form, or poll questions within the webinar event itself, you can begin to qualify the potential leads and prioritize who your sales team should follow up with right away vs. who needs more lead nurturing.

These synchronized marketing events take serious strategic planning and coordination but can be a great way to quickly get more email subscribers and generate sales leads.

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