#1 Reason to Outsource Marketing

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#1 Reason to Outsource Marketing

A lot of people balk when they think about having to hire people to do jobs that they can do themselves. One of the biggest lessons I learned over the past couple years is that it costs too much money NOT to hire people to do specific jobs.

When I first started consulting, I was trying to do everything myself. One job that was taking me way too much time was developing graphics for things like ebook covers and call-to-action buttons. Not only did it take an inordinate amount of time, the quality was...let’s just say...not good.

It’s kind of funny when I look back on it now. Why in the world did I ever think I could do graphic design? I’m really good at developing themes, titles, content, and strategy - but when it comes to actually creating a graphic - forget about it!

That’s where the designer comes in to play. I communicate all my ideas to the graphic designer, and they create a graphical representation. We collaborate until we are both happy with the end result.

We each have our own unique skills. The quality and return on investment of the whole job increase dramatically when people stick with what they do best. It’s important to continually ask: “Where should I be spending my time?”

Modern marketing takes a variety of skills such as strategy development, brand development, graphic design, website and mobile website design, SEO content writing, programming, social media - I could go on and on.

How much would it cost to hire specialists in all these areas, or how much wasted time will one person spend trying to do a variety of these tasks that they’re really not qualified for?

The biggest benefit of outsourcing marketing to an agency is that you can potentially get access to all of these skill sets for the price of one senior level employee (or close to).

Personally, I have started outsourcing some tasks even though it’s been really tight financially at first. But it never takes long to start seeing a return on my investment. It’s been worth every cent!

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