Litmus Test: Is Your Blog and Email Strategy Truly Driving ROI?

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Litmus Test: Is Your Blog and Email Strategy Truely Driving ROI?

Blogging and email marketing are increasingly becoming standard practices for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Creating content and sending messages is very easy now-a-days, which puts us in the midst of a never-ending data explosion.

Videos, articles, chats, streams, texts, emails, pictures…With so much content available, people have to pick and choose very carefully what they want to give time to. Only content that is relevant to the issues, thoughts, or concerns a reader has will get noticed, and only content that adds value in some way will get their time.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for businesses to create content just to get something out there. They don’t put the strategic planning in place to create meaningful content that can actually help generate qualified sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase revenue. Do you want to write content just so you can say you are doing it, or do you want to write content because you have something valuable to share with your target audience?

Take This Content Litmus Test

  1. Blog articles for sales: Do your salespeople regularly use blog articles or content offers from your website in their one-to-one sales efforts?

  2. Online lead generation: Do you use content offers to generate sales leads from your website via a form? (Content like ebooks, webinars, and guides that prospects can download once they submit their contact information.)

  3. Calls-to-Actions: Do you have a plan to direct prospects to your online lead generation content (promote the content)?

  4. Website: Do you evaluate how users are interacting with your website and have a plan for continual improvement and development? (This is important because the goal of blogging and email marketing is usually to drive people back to the website.)

  5. Goals & Metrics: Do you have clear, documented goals and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the content you create?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, it’s very likely that the content you’re creating isn’t doing much for you. You may not be getting the best return on your investment.


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