4 Marketing Metrics I’m Addicted To

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I’m addicted to marketing metrics. Once I complete a marketing activity, like post a blog, launch an email, or promote an ebook, I’m desperate to find out if my efforts are paying off.

Here are 4 marketing metrics that I check daily. I try to only look once per day so I can stay focused on other things, but I often find myself checking them whenever I have a free moment!

1. Website Visits, Leads, and Customers

What I really want to know is if I’m getting more visits, leads, and customers this month compared to last month. If not, I need to figure out if there is something I’m missing or that I should be doing differently.

2. Landing Page Conversion Rates

Developing gated premium content to get leads to convert on our website takes an investment in time and resources, so I want the highest conversion rate possible. Higher conversion rates equal more downloads. If the conversion rate is lower than I feel comfortable with, it’s time to re-evaluate the page to see if there is room for improvement.

3. Blog Views, Comments, and Inbound Links

Blogging is about writing content that’s interesting to people. No sense in spending your time doing it if no one is ever going to read it! That’s why I’m constantly checking to see how many people have viewed my articles, if they’re commenting on them, and if they find them valuable enough to link to them from their own website. This information really helps me understand the type of content my audience is interested in reading.

4. Email Open Rates, Click Through’s, Unsubscribes, Delivered To, and Bounce Rates

That’s a lot of stuff, but it tells you everything about your contact list and the effectiveness of your email list. For example, if I sent an email to 10,000 people, but only 5,000 were delivered, I have a huge problem with the validity of my email list. If I sent an email, and a huge number of people unsubscribed, either my content was completely irrelevant or my list does not contain people who are in my niche market. You can learn so much by understanding your email analytics.

If you’re not checking these metrics regularly, you’re missing out on a wealth of information that can help you get a better return on your marketing investment.

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