How Often Should You Send Email Newsletters?

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How Often Should You Send Email Newsletters

I was talking with a client recently, and she told me an interesting story. She said people frequently email her to share that they really enjoy her daily email newsletter. Which is great, except for one thing: She only emails newsletters once or twice per week, not daily!

When she replies to thank them and shares that she only sends newsletters a couple of times per week, her readers are surprised. They really thought they were getting an email from her every day.

When I heard this story, it got me thinking about what this actually meant.

People Want to Read Good Content

First, it means that people genuinely enjoy reading her emails. They get value from them and look forward to receiving them.

When I talk to my clients about email marketing, many of them balk at sending frequent emails. They think they’ll annoy their prospects and are adamant that it could be bad for business. They’re right. It is an annoyance – if you send irrelevant, confusing, and poorly formatted emails. There’s no doubt about that!

However, emails that contain information vital to readers’ businesses and livelihoods are actually appreciated. Your prospects will take notice and even like you more for it.

Increased Frequency = Top of Mind

The other thing I found fascinating about my client’s story is that people thought they were getting emails more frequently than they actually were.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that her email newsletters were expected and anticipated. More importantly, I believe her readers (potential prospects!) save the good emails to read later or for future reference.

That means that my client’s name is consistently sitting in her prospects’ inbox. Wow! What better brand recognition can you get than that? When they need the types of services she offers, she will definitely be the first person they call.

Still not convinced that more email is better? According to The Science of Email Marketing, the number of unsubscribes actually decreases when you increase your email newsletter frequency.

How Often Should You Send Email Newsletters?

My recommendation is to send as frequently as you can crank out good content. I’d shoot for a minimum of once per week. Some of my favorite newsletters arrive in my inbox daily. If you can do that, you’ll have sales leads for days!


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