Why Blogging Should Be Your #1 Marketing Priority

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Why Blogging Should be Your Number One Marketing Priority

One of the first priorities of your company’s marketing strategy should be to develop a process for blogging. From a technical perspective, blogging helps you get found online. It increases the number of web pages on your website (the more web pages, you have the more chances you have to get found) and increases SEO mojo. That’s definitely important stuff, but buyers don’t really care about that. The main reason to blog is to provide your prospects with the information they need as they travel through the decision making process.

  1. Buyers are checking you out online and expect to find valuable information on your website.
  2. Buyers do research online and are getting their info from somewhere. If it’s not from your website, it’ll be from your competitor’s site. Ouch!
  3. It showcases your expertise and builds credibility and trust.
  4. It helps your prospects understand their issues and what they can do about them - and how you can help.

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