How Sharing Blog Articles On Social Media Gets Customers

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How Sharing Blog Articles On Social Media Gets Customers

Many businesses are still foggy about how blogging can impact their revenue goals. Here is an example to help clarify:

Increase website traffic

Tactic: In your social media status update areas (like on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter) create a compelling short sentence that directs people to the blog article on your website.

Here is an example of a comment I would post on social media:

“Check out these three reasons why salespeople should start creating blog articles -”

Once someone clicks the link, they are on my website. Okay, website visitors are great, but how does that affect revenue growth?

More Interested Prospects

Tactic: Playing off the above scenario, if someone clicks on the link to read the article, it means that for some reason they’re interested in the topic of salespeople blogging. At the end of the blog article or somewhere on the blog page, I have links to a landing page.

For example, on the 3 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Start Creating Blog Articles post, I have a call-to-action graphic at the bottom directing readers to download our Blog Process Worksheet. (It’s a worksheet that can help people manage their entire blogging process.) Readers have to input their contact information on the page ;in order to receive it.

Once they do that, I can capture their name and information using a contact form on my web page, and then I’ll have a potential sales opportunity.

Here’s the Work Flow


Reminder: Website visitors can only turn in to interested prospects if they reach out to you via phone or fill out a contact form on your website.

Posting your blog articles on social media matters because if you play your cards right, you create opportunities to convert website visitors into interested prospects, who in turn can become paying customers.


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