[Video] How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Blog or Web Page

Without good keywords, search engines don’t know what your web pages are about and your prospects will never be able to find you. They are the bridges that connect qualified prospects to your website.

Here’s a 3 minute tutorial on how to find the best keywords for your website or blog.

Additional Tips

1. Relevancy Trumps Everything

Here’s an example: In the video, I said that "private coach" was a keyword I would consider. However, once I took a minute to think about it, I realized that "private coach" is too general.

There are tons of types of “private coaches” - private basketball coach, private golf coach, private tennis coach - you name it! If I decided to go with "private coach", I would want to narrow down the exact type, and do a little more brainstorming.

Choosing keywords that are the most relevant to your concept will bring the RIGHT people to your site.

2. Check Keywords on Your Competitors’ Sites

You can tell what keywords your competitors are using just by going to their sites and checking all the on-page SEO areas. You can search keywords on Google and see who shows up in the Ads areas to see who is doing paid search for specific terms and phrases.

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