Resources for Evaluating HubSpot Sales and Marketing Technology

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Resources for Evaluating HubSpot Sales and Marketing Technology

I regularly talk to companies that are considering starting an inbound sales and marketing program, but they lack the technological capacity required to do the work.

While there's a variety of sales and marketing technology available, the tool we've had the most success with is HubSpot. They put all the necessary functionality required into one system, which improves data sharing, communication between the teams, and work efficiency.

Our personal experience using HubSpot is that we can spend more time on high-value sales and marketing activities vs. managing multitudes of data, software, and integrations. We also feel like we're at the forefront of industry trends and have a tool that continually evolves to meet market needs and drive positive business results. HubSpot’s support, community, and ongoing professional development resources are the catalyst for creating and implementing sales and marketing plans that drive business growth.

These two videos give you a glimpse into the day of an inbound team.

If you really want to geek out and see what it's like to work with HubSpot on a daily basis, I consolidated some resources that describe in detail what it is and how it works to generate leads and sales. Even if you determine that HubSpot isn’t right for you, knowing all your options can help you create a better plan for your company.

Remember though: HubSpot is just a tool - it's not the be-all and end-all. To get value from it, you need to commit to creating inbound sales and marketing campaigns. Otherwise, the program will sit idle and you won’t get the desired results. Building an effective inbound program requires people, process and then technology. Once the people and processes are in place, you can outline how to execute your initiatives. That's where technology comes into play.

As with any new process or technology, there’s a learning curve to achieve proficiency. We help companies get maximum results from their inbound sales and marketing programs in the shortest amount of time. We consult, train, and offer outsourced services to fill potential skills gaps. Leveraging our HubSpot services, inbound expertise and plug and play processes can help you jumpstart a strong inbound program.

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