About Us

Driving Growth with Inbound Principles and HubSpot

It’s our mission make it as easy as possible for sellers to sell, buyers to buy, and business leaders to lead.

Whom We Work With

Whom We Work With

While we would love to work with everyone, some criteria make some companies a better fit for our services than others. Good fit companies have:

  • A progressive mindset: Want to learn and implement best-practice, modern digital strategies to make it easier for prospects to find and engage with them.
  • Considered purchase process: A complex buying decision that requires investigation and evaluation before a transaction.
  • Average sales price: $500-$50K+
  • Sales cycle: 1 week to 12 months
  • Number of Sales Reps: 2+
  • Dedicated marketing team: 0-2 marketers

The people we typically work with include: Owner, CXO, VP, CMO or other Marketing Leader, Sales VP

There’s one sure way to find out if we are a good fit for each other!

Meet the Founder

25+ Year's Experience in Sales and Marketing

Meet the Founder
Krista Moon, President

She and her team specialize in HubSpot and digital marketing strategies that deliver qualified sales leads to B2B organizations.

Founder Krista Moon went to college to become a Zoologist and then a high school science teacher. During college, she got her first sales job selling Orkin Pest Control services. While she didn't love the bugs and chemicals, she loved the autonomy of being on the road and helping people solve problems - and commissions! After her 2nd  graduation in 1998, she ditched her degrees and pursued a career in sales.

In 2010, she founded Ascend Business Growth (formally Moon Marketing). Since then, Krista and her team have collaborated with scores of organizations in B2B complex sales to help them take full advantage of the strategies, features, and functions of HubSpot to advance their business growth. The end result is an efficient, productive tech stack and process. With the growth machine running smoothly, maximum resources can be steered toward building the customer base.

ABG Core Values - The Rules We Play By

Driven by Curiosity

Rapid learners constantly searching for a deeper understanding and more effective strategies and processes.


Not afraid to try something new. Seriously consider all points of view before taking action.


Use well-developed analytical skills to create and test hypotheses that drive data-driven decision-making.

Strive for Perfection

Puts maximum effort into every aspect of the job. Embraces constructive criticism and strives for constant improvement.

Invested in Success

Authentically invested in the growth of the client and company. Takes ownership and responsibility for decisions, actions, and results.

Our Approach

Strategic Partnerships

Our Approach
  • Strategic planning: Ensure we’re focusing on the right activities at the right time and are effectively articulating their true value in the industry.
  • Return on Investment: Solutions that help companies make data-driven decisions and maximize return on marketing investment over time.
  • The Truth: Some consultants tell you what you want to hear; we tell it like it is. We confront the brutal facts of reality so we can help our customers move beyond the issues holding them back.
  • Transparency: Our customers have full access to what we’re doing, how much time it takes, and how much it costs at all times.