Resource Library for Writing Prospecting Emails

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Resource Library for Writing Prospecting Emails

One of the most popular things salespeople search for is information about how to write prospecting emails. And it’s no wonder: figuring out “what to say” to get a prospect interested enough in a conversation is HARD! There are a gazillion templates and ideas available out there to help kick-start your prospecting efforts. I decided to consolidate some of the best resources I’ve seen in one post.

All of the articles I used are from HubSpot. They’re good, and there’s a nice variety. I think if I looked at other sites, they’d pretty much say the same thing anyway. Since I teach my clients how to follow up on responsive prospects (prospects that are visiting the website), I bolded the templates for following up on them so they’d be easy to find.

Take a look - I hope these templates and examples help you say just the right thing to get that sales meeting!

30 Sales Prospecting Email Templates Guaranteed to Start a Relationship

Topics: Congratulate, Boost Mission, Immediate Value, Help, Compliment, Common Interests, Talk to Prospect’s Low-Level Employees, Customers, Vendors, and Friends, Content (theirs, yours, others, social posts), LI Profile Views, Advice, Recommendations, Introductions, Referrals, Common Connection, Analysis, Insight, Learn from Peers, Market Research, Opinion

10 Sales Email Templates With 60% or Higher Open Rates

Topics: Connect with Buyer, Visited Site, You’re a Stranger, You Just Called, Trigger Event, Requested Demo, Using Trial or Free Tool, Opened Email No Reply, Not Responding, Went Dark

12 CRM-Ready Sales Email Templates to Send Today

Topics: Cold Calling, Inbound Leads, Referral Introduction, Follow Up

16 Templates for the Sales Follow Up Email

Topics: After a Meeting, Trigger Event, Voicemail, Trade Show, Conference, Networking Event, First Follow-up, More Follow-Ups, Break Up

23 Follow-Up Sales Email Templates to Send Instead of “Just Checking In”

Topics: Advice, How-To Guide, Business Weakness with Fix, Relevant Industry Article, Social Message, Blog, Event, Invite to Webinar, Content Recommendations, Common Challenge, “Buried Email” Technique, Suggestions for Achieving Goals, Info About Competitor, Breakup Email, Trigger Events (promotions, departures, new hires, funding, Lost Deal Follow-Up

Cold Email Templates has email templates on sales, recruitment, SEO, follow-up, marketing, and networking. 

More Prospecting Email Templates and Examples

Oh my goodness! There are so many articles; I’m just going to start listing them out vs. trying to recap them. I know it’s an overwhelming amount of information, but they’re so interesting to me! Here we go...

Instructions on How to Write Sales Emails

And don’t forget about HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Certification. It’s free, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I really can’t say enough about how good it is. I wish all my clients’ salespeople would take it!


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