Example of Optimizing a High-Performing Web Page

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We have a top-performing blog article for website traffic - it gets 6x more than our next highest-trafficked page, our Home page! As any good marketer would do, we are always looking for ways to optimize high performing pages. The goal is to make sure the people coming to the page match our ideal customer profile, get value, have plenty of opportunities to engage with more content, and can easily self-select into the sales process.

The growth-driven website design philosophy follows the scientific method. It ensures that the changes are pursued with thoughtful intention and focused on outcomes (not just changed willy-nilly with no clear reason).

Here is an overview of why we felt investing time and money into making the blog article changes could help us accomplish our goals (the Hypothesis) and what changes we thought we should make (the Experimental Design Changes).


  • Since people learn differently (verbal, audio, visual), providing content in multiple formats will engage a broader audience.
  • Having a robust article with various types of content (video, table, graphic, copy) will boost SEO.
  • Linking to other high-value relevant content on our website will help prospects get their questions answered and convert to a lead faster.

Experimental Design Changes

  • Update the copy to make sure it is accurate and aligns with our services (things change!).
  • Review and update internal links to the most relevant content.
  • Create an educational video to help explain the topics for visual/audio learners.
  • Add a graphic to the page for visual learners.
  • Update the meta description to match the updated copy.

Check out the article, Example of a Full Digital Marketing Plan and Projected Budget, to see how it’s laid out. 👍

We don’t have the results yet, but we’ll let you know how it turns out after collecting enough data. Follow us on LinkedIn. If you have comments or other ideas, let us know in the comments section below!


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