Bad Websites Often Have These 3 Problems

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When visitors land on your website, you only have nanoseconds to make a first impression and get them to stick around. If your site has any of these three issues, consider tightening it up to get better results.

Common Website Issues That Could Be Holding You Back!

1. Fluffy Copy That Doesn’t Mean Anything

When you’re selling, every word you write on your website matters. If you say the wrong thing, you won’t get results. This idea sounds pretty simple, but there are some phrases I constantly see that are a total turn-off to prospects.

I was researching a prospect recently and had to chuckle a little when I read their website home page. It had all the “fluff” words I (and most website visitors!) abhor. If your website copy sounds like this, it’s time to invest in a professional website copywriter:

“As one of the leading companies in the nation, [Company] is your best choice as a partner because we understand your business. We offer you the convenience and efficiency of our centralized services, providing one-stop shopping to meet your needs. Our world-class technology services allow you to order online, produce high-quality documents, and receive products electronically.

At the heart of everything we do at [Company] is our commitment to your overall delight with our team and our services. We pride ourselves on promoting an atmosphere of concern and compassion for our customers and our fellow employees.”

How many times do you see “leading company,” “one-stop shopping,” or “world-class technology?” Sorry folks, those descriptions tell me nothing about how you can help me or what makes you different.

2. Focusing Too Much On You and Not Enough On Them

The copy is totally from the company’s point of view. Lots of “our” and “we.” We do this, and we do that, and our this, and our that. I don't mean to be mean, but in general, people don't care about you and your company. They care about what you and your company can do to make THEIR life better. And it can't be for "my overall delight" or to "meet my needs." LOL. That's funny to me! 😄

Not sure what to say? This video from bestselling sales author, Jill Konrath, might get your juices flowing!

3. Not Investing Enough in Your Website

Unfortunately, many business leaders play down the importance of their website or don't spend much time thinking how to make it their best 24/7 salesperson. A highly valuable websites doesn't happen unless you're constantly working on it.

When prospects visit your website, something should pique their interest. They should lean closer to the computer, get engaged, and want to read more. They should be able to click through to get the information they want without even thinking about what they’re doing.

Think about it—would  a physical store do well with a disorganized, ramshackle building? Probably not. Like it or not, your website is your storefront. Put as much effort and resources into making it great as you would your physical space; otherwise, people will turn away.

Hopefully, none of these issues pertain to your company. But if any of these three signs of a bad website ring true, no worries! They can be fixed and improved. Go do it! (Or call us 🤪.)


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