Do This to Get Over the Hump of Starting a Blog

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Do This to Get Over the Hump of Starting a Blog

There are a lot of savvy business leaders and industry experts out there that don’t blog. Unfortunately, their hard-earned “intellect” is not being used to its full potential.

For a company blog to be a profitable investment, leaders and experts from across the organization need to take ownership and participate. Prospects and customers don’t want to read boring blogs that anyone could write by doing a little research online. They want to hear real stories, experiences, and ideas from experts in the field.

Blogging is a long-game strategy that takes practice, dedication, and patience, so it can be easy to put off. But the longer you wait to get started, the longer it will take to get results. (And the more time your competitors have to steal your thunder!)

Here are a few ideas to get over the hump and start blogging now.

1. Learn Blogging Best Practices

You want your blog to be a successful marketing tool for your company, so it’s important to learn how to do it right. Technical elements such as content strategy, headlines, on-page SEO, and formatting have an enormous impact on a good blog vs. a bad blog. Understanding the basics will help ensure you - and your readers - get the most value from your efforts.

One great way to quickly learn the ropes or off-load some of the technical mumbo jumbo is to work with a blog manager. They can coach you through the blogging process, as well as ghost write, edit, and proof. A blog manager makes sure that your articles meet quality standards and align with the business goals and objectives.

2. Make A Commitment

Don’t say, “I’ll just write one article this month if I have time.” One article isn’t going to get you over the hump. Make a strong commitment, like, “I’ll write three articles this week no matter what.”

You may struggle at first, staring blankly at your paper (or computer screen) wondering what to say. You may spend too much time on one article only to feel like you could have done it better. But if you get a few under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to feeling excited about writing the next one instead of dreading it.

It get’s easier over time, the ideas start to flow, and as with anything, practice makes perfect. Commit and stick to it no matter what.

3. Schedule Writing Time on Your Calendar

Writing is a high-thinking job, and it can be easy to procrastinate until you have “quiet time.” Well, you’re probably never going to get “quiet time,” so you just have to make time! Plan out in advance when you will write. Make it a regular part of your week.

Just keep thinking about how you’ll be helping others by sharing your knowledge and expertise. And more importantly, you’ll feel awesome once you see the fruits of your labor: deeper relationships with customers, more sales leads, and new opportunities.


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