Biotech Website Basics to Optimize User Engagement

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Your website is most likely the first impression your potential customers or other key stakeholders will get about your biotech. It only takes mere seconds for someone to form an opinion based on their user experience.

A well-structured site gives visitors a feeling of competency and trust. In addition, it encourages them to engage with your company, creating more opportunities to help you accomplish your business goals and objectives. Here are four biotech website basics required for developing a digital presence optimized for your biotech company’s growth.

1. Security

Every website should start with https://www. Simply stated, the “s” stands for secure, and if your company domain doesn’t have one, you are at a severe disadvantage (hackers, decreased rankings, warning displays, lose customer trust). Using HTTPS with your domain name requires installing an SSL or TLS certificate on your website server. It’s a relatively simple process typically handled by your web developer.

2. Optimize for Search Engines

Ideally, when a person searches the web for words or phrases relevant to your business or industry, they’ll find you. The trick is to enable your target audience to discover you in the unimaginable amount of data available on the web. Biotech on-page search engine optimization (SEO) is a basic requirement that allows search engines to read your website and index the pages appropriately. Without on-page SEO, your site will be indexed for the wrong terms or not at all, inhibiting your ability to show up on a search engine results page.

3. Optimize for User Engagement

Your website is your digital “office building,” so it’s essential that it provides value to people who “visit.” It needs as much care and attention as a physical space. Here are the foundations to make your digital presence presentable, professional, and profitable:

  • Clear and concise website copy for users to get their questions answered and gain new insights.
  • Simple navigation to quickly find the desired information.
  • Quality images (not blurry, grainy, or unprofessional-looking).
  • Easy to read font and layout to reduce eye and mental strain.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Clear calls to action on each page.
  • Opportunities to connect or opt-in.

4. Integrations: Website, Marketing Technology, and CRM

People engaging with your biotech website is the first step to new business. As they opt-in to learn more about you, they need to be followed up with to generate meetings and opportunities. Effectively integrating your website with your marketing technology and CRM ensures users get the right information at the right time to make the right decision.

With these website basics in place, you’ll have a sales and marketing system ready to support your business growth initiatives.


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