4 Ways a Marketing Blog Can Help You Increase Sales

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Blogging isn't just a marketing activity: it's the foundation of sales and marketing. Here's how to use blog articles to increase sales.

4 Ways a Marketing Blog Can Help You Increase Sales

Blogging is not just a marketing activity. When done correctly, it's the backbone of sales and marketing functions. Companies that understand and embrace this strategy use blog articles on the marketing side to increase awareness and get people to the website. Then, they use those same articles on the sales side to guide their active prospects through the sales process.

Here are four examples of how blogging can help you sell:

Disclosure: This only works if you have a strong content strategy. Create articles your prospects will find informative and valuable to their decision-making.

1. Nurturing

By regularly publishing blog articles and sharing them via social media and email marketing, you're consistently getting your name in front of your contacts and target audience. You stay top-of-mind so that you're the first person they think of when a need arises.

2. Building Trust and Credibility

Having a variety of blogs that support the sales process and clear and concise website copy gives prospects a sense that you have the knowledge and expertise required to help them. Blogging allows you to become a trusted thought leader and differentiate from the competition.

3. Guiding the Sales Process

A seller's job is to educate. A library of blog articles gives them the tools to address prospects' questions, concerns, and objections as they progress through the buyer's journey.

4. Maintaining the Relationship

Blogging can help you continue to educate and inform your customers about industry trends and how to get more value from your solution. It will also keep them engaged with your company during the duration of your relationship.


A solid online presence will deepen your relationship with your network and increase your close ratio. If you set it up right, you'll need fewer leads to sell more.

Jill Konrath discusses slowing down to speed up in If You Think Sales is a Numbers Game - You're Wrong. She says that top sellers are pursuing fewer prospects and spending more time thinking critically about what they can do to guide them through the sales cycle. I couldn't agree more. Ask yourself: how can you use articles to help you more quickly engage your new prospects and close the opportunities you already have?



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