Tip to Prevent Leaving Botched Voice Mail Messages

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Prevent Leaving Botched Voice Messages

In my world, I focus heavily on creating content for publishing online to engage prospects and generate leads. However, to make a sale, you have to talk to someone voice to voice eventually. Before I switched from sales to marketing, I made a gazillion cold calls every day. I learned a handy trick that I still use.

When making phone calls, you'll have to leave a voice mail message a good percentage of the time. The words you say on the voicemail make the difference between a “delete” or a “save.” That is why it's so important to get it right.

The problem is, sometimes I'm not as prepared to leave a voicemail as I should be, and I completely botch the whole thing. Or, I stumble over my words or just sound plain dumb. Do you ever wish you could just start over?

Well - you can! I rely heavily on the # button. It allows you to listen to your message before it sends, and if you're not happy, it gives you an option to re-do it. I use it all the time. After I say my message, I hit # and can listen to it to make sure it's what I want, or re-do the whole thing. I've been known to hit # over and over until I'm comfortable with how the message sounds.

It's a great way to practice your sales messages too. I use that feature when I'm trying to figure out what to actually say. I do it over and over and listen to myself to hear what I sound like from the other end.

So next time you mess up your voicemail or need to practice your sales message, don't despair! Just hit #.


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