Starting Social Media: Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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Starting Social Media: Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

These days social media is a critical marketing channel for attracting new customers. It’s the new reality. However, just having a social media account doesn’t help at all. It’s what you say on social media - and how frequently - that’s important.

I have a confession: I’m a marketing expert who has helped my clients develop and execute successful social media strategies, but I haven’t been eating my own dog food. Mostly because I wasn’t ready to start promoting my services far and wide.

Now that I’m getting ready to grow my business, I need to start embracing social media for marketing. My philosophy is I won’t ask my clients to do something I won’t do myself. I’ll run my marketing campaigns right along side theirs, and will feel the same pain - and pleasure!

So today, I got everything set up to start promoting some of the blogs I’ve written recently. I found it very interesting when I was getting ready to hit the “publish” button to promote out to Twitter, Facebook, my LinkedIn profile, and some LinkedIn Groups; I got butterflies in my stomach.

It’s a whole different feeling knowing that my insights, experiences, and philosophies are actually going to be seen by people. Oh sure, I’ve been touting some of my personal philosophies regularly on Facebook for a long time, but this is different. This is not just my opinion - it’s the expertise I can offer to help other businesses grow, and it’s going out to people beyond my circle of friends.

I can see how easy it could be to continue to procrastinate. It’s hard enough to think of what to say and even harder to put it out there for the world to read.

But, it’s time to push beyond my comfort zone and start using social media for business growth.

If you’re still hesitating about starting social media for your company, what’s holding you back?


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