Social Media Results: Consistent vs. Haphazard Engagement

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After the launch of my new website in August, 2013, I knew the next step was to start blogging and get more involved in social media. I do it for my clients all the time and consistently bring in website traffic and contacts, so I know it works.

I struggle the same as everyone else though - I get so involved in client work that my own marketing gets pushed off until later. Now, here it is, Friday morning, and I'm finally writing a blog which should have been done much earlier in the week.

This report says it all:

Social Media Results

If you don't engage on social media, you won't get social media visitors to your website. And if you don't drive people to your website, there is zero chance of getting leads. Unfortunately, I can't make up now for not doing social media this week. Those visitors I might have had will never be.

I preach to my clients that for best results they need to blog at minimum 2 times per week, and should be spending at least 2-3 hours on social media per week. When I tell them that, they have the same exact problem that I'm having right now - how am I supposed to find time to do that?

That's where priorities have to change. Either by increasing investment or shifting resources so you can hire someone, or find a way to free up time.

For me, as a small business owner, I don't have the financial resources quite yet to hire someone. Plus, I actually enjoy writing. It feels good. So, I'll continue to push this up on top of the priority list and do what I need to do to make the time.

We all have a choice - either do it or not. The cost of not doing it is too high for me right now. Wish me luck! I'm shooting for 2 blogs next week.

(In case you are wondering how much time this stuff actually takes - I wrote this article in 1 hour, and spent 1/2 hour creating and scheduling social media posts. 1.5 hours isn't too bad!)


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