HubSpot Training: CRM Property Customization and Management

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HubSpot CRM is a database that stores information about the people related to your business. In addition to standard contact data, such as phone, email, and address, users can add or customize fields to their unique situation and needs. Here is a quick overview of how to manage properties in HubSpot.

To navigate to properties, click the settings gear, then properties. There are three tabs across the top: Properties, Groups, and Records Customization.

It’s important to organize your fields into groups, especially if you add a lot of new properties. To add a new custom group, click Create Group, create a name, and hit save. For example, I have a group called Sales Stuff for additional sales data I want to collect when prospecting.

So, to create a new property, click the Properties tab, and then Create property. Choose the object type, which means what type of record such as contact, company, or deal, select your group, choose your label, add a description, click next, select your field type, such as:

  • Single checkbox
  • Multiple checkboxes
  • Dropdown select
  • Radio select
  • Date picker
  • File
  • Etc.

Enter your field options if necessary or otherwise follow through to the end of the properties setup screens. The new fields will now be available on the corresponding record type. Click view all properties, search for your new field, and add it to your view. The property will now show up on the left sidebar. You can use the Records customization tab to customize the left sidebar to your needs even more.

Setting up properties and customizing records is relatively straight forward. The hard part is defining the strategy and processes for using the CRM. It's only as valuable as the information it contains, so taking time to map out what data you want to store and how you want to use it will set you on the path to success!

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