Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Helping growth-minded companies rise to the top.

Map Out the Path to Business Success

Our team can help you create a plan to strategically and profitably sustain business growth.

Specialized & Technical Consulting

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Specialized & Technical Consulting

The Ascend team is deeply entrenched in everything sales and marketing and will share their expertise to help you make the best decisions.

Plug-and-Play Strategic Planning Templates

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Plug-and-Play Strategic Planning Templates

We have pre-built templates that include a step-by-step scope of work for information gathering, analysis, and decision-making for each topic.

Experience Outsourced Services

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Experience Outsourced Services

We’ll do the work for you, coordinate and track project progress, and partner with all stakeholders to ensure work is done according to demands.

A Holistic Approach to Business Growth

Improve Results from Your Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Strategic Plans & Consulting

Define and prioritize your goals, objectives, tactics, and budget. Set Your Course

CRM & Sales Enablement

Maintain a clean CRM and create sales processes, sales scripts, and intro campaigns that start conversations. Get More Meetings

Web Development and SEO

Optimize your website to make it easy for prospects to find and engage with you. Get Found and Convert

Lead Generation Campaigns

Stay visible and keep prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle. Attract and Engage

Technology Setup

Set up the systems, processes, and technology required to do the work. Build Your Tech Stack

HubSpot Services

Unleash the power of HubSpot and get maximum value from your software investment. Improve Outcomes

Next Step

Explore fresh ideas about how to keep the sales pipeline filled so you can focus on closing new business.

Our Recommended Tech Stack

Every company is unique in the tools and functionality they need to do the job, but these four tools are the core of our operations for most clients.



All-in-One sales and marketing software: Websites, CRM, email marketing, blogging, social media, automation, prospect intelligence, sales productivity, analytics, and more.



For content research, keyword research, keyword strategy, competitor analysis, SEO audit, backlinking opportunities and lots more.



A project management system: collaborate and communicate with clients and team members to prioritize, manage, and complete all tasks and projects.



A cloud content management and file sharing service to collaborate and share information with clients and team members.

No matter what tools you need or use, we’re techno-geeks and can help you find the best choice for your organization!