Sales and Marketing Processes That'll Make Your Business Great Again

When I first started doing marketing and lead generation, I used to worry about being able to drive leads for my clients. I've since learned that that's the easy part! As long as I'm doing enough activity, like blogging, email marketing, and social media, I'll get people to the website. And if I'm creating the right content, I'll be driving the right people to the site. Cool! Job done, right? Wrong.

Now, my worry is getting the salespeople to follow up on the people that I send to the website. I mean, would you rather call on someone who has no idea who you are, or someone who has visited 7 of your web pages? It's a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, many companies don't have the technology required to know who is coming to the website or haven't effectively trained the sales team on how to find them in the CRM and follow up with them. And if that's not happening, your marketing efforts are going down the drain and sellers are working harder than they have to. In this video, I share the sales and marketing processes I recommend all of my clients follow to get the best results from their efforts.

If you'd like to learn more about how to align sales and marketing and use prospect intelligence to improve your sales process, check out this ebook, Modern Techniques to Fill Your Sales Funnel.


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