#1 LinkedIn Mistake Most People Make That Destroys Sales Opportunities

I recently needed to source a graphic designer for my company, so the first place I turned to was LinkedIn. I wanted to find out who in my network was a freelancer or owned a design company that could potentially help me. It just makes sense that I would turn to LinkedIn before doing a random Google search. After all, I’d rather do business with someone from my network than a complete stranger.

But unfortunately, there is one HUGE LinkedIn mistake most people make that drives me completely insane. Yes, most people, which may very well include you! They don’t put their contact information on their profile or link their company to their Experience. That’s like going to a networking event without any business cards. What’s the point of being on LinkedIn if no one can contact you in the event they have a need and want to consider you as a potential resource to help them solve their problem?

Here’s a short video that shows exactly how you’re missing sales opportunities if you don’t fill out your profile:

Please: if you’re going to have a LinkedIn profile, put your contact information on there. Here are links on how to do it – it’s easy and only takes a few minutes. Do it now!

Still don’t understand the value of LinkedIn? Check this out:

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