Expert HubSpot Agency Drives Impressive Revenue Growth in 2 Months

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Shari Levitin Group wanted butts in seats for a virtual sales masterclass they were running and hired ABG to promote the campaign using HubSpot and inbound principles. The result was a full class that met revenue projections, boosted website traffic, and increased prospect engagement online. Listen to Jack Siney, COO at Shari Levitin Group, discuss the results from the campaign and his experience working with ABG.

About the Client

About Shari LevitinFor more than twenty-five years, Shari Levitin has established herself as a preeminent sales speaker, imparting training and delivering keynote addresses to audiences in over 40 countries. Shari helps salespeople reach their goals and connect with customers on a deeper level with three main services:

Sales Keynotes

Wickedly funny, educational, inspirational sales keynotes help businesses deal with the most urgent challenges in today’s unpredictable environment.

Sales Training

Workshops, training, and masterclasses to assimilate and apply the information immediately to win more deals faster.

Sales Consulting

Examine the business’s unique considerations and develop a program tailor-made to help growth teams reach their goals.

“One of the biggest benefits we were able to achieve with this campaign is that Krista and her team were able to help us maximize our activities within HubSpot. They helped us make sure that we were set up to scale for the future and helped us learn new functionalities so that when we do marketing campaigns in the future, we can optimize and build from our efforts.

ABG far exceeded our expectations for this two-month campaign, so much so that we’ve kept an ongoing relationship. I highly recommend Ascend Business Growth. They were an amazing partner and incredibly responsive to all the needs and the changes we made along the way.”

jack-siney-299x299pxJack Siney, COO & CRO, Shari Levitin Group

The Challenge

In mid-2023, the Shari Levitin Group developed a unique online Masterclass titled “4 Pillars of an Effective Sales Training and Coaching Program.” This Masterclass was designed to help sales managers navigate the changes to the sales process triggered by the transition to virtual and remote work in the post-COVID environment.

As Shari’s team began to develop the campaign, they quickly realized they needed a specialized HubSpot agency to help them effectively promote the course and optimize their marketing strategy. ABG was directly recommended to Shari by a friend who had successfully utilized their marketing services.

The Solution

The HubSpot and inbound solution

With only two months left until the Masterclass launch, the Shari team reached out to ABG. They were thrilled to discover their industry expertise and past success with professional speaking clients.

ABG recommended a multi-channel approach to promote the Masterclass to Shari’s target audience, including the website, email marketing, social media, co-marketing, paid ads, and HubSpot sales sequences to segmented personas. Due to budget and resource constraints, not all strategies were able to be deployed. The core channels used to promote the masterclass campaign were the website, forms, CTA’s, email marketing and social media.

Once an agreement was reached, the ABG team set up the foundation required to begin promotion by configuring the HubSpot CMS theme, email templates, and CRM. They also created workflows and processes to ensure high email deliverability, lead tracking processes, and sales and marketing hand-off processes. ABG utilized Shari Levitin Group branding, images and copy elements to create assets for the campaign.

The content created to drive website traffic and prospect engagement included:

  • Consideration Stage 1: Masterclass Assessment Lead Magnet Form to get managers to self-reflect about their need for training to improve their sales team’s performance.
  • Consideration Stage 2: Masterclass Sign Up Interest Lead Form for prospects interested in the course to save their spot and request a quote.
  • Decision Stage: Masterclass Webinar Lead Magnet Form to share the course details live with interested prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Together, these assets were used to attract qualified registrants and allow the Shari Levitin team to reach out personally to interested candidates.


ROI higher than expected and exceeded revenue goals

By partnering with ABG to manage the marketing promotion for the Masterclass, Shari’s team was able to fill the course with an exceptional group of attendees. The efficiencies created by ABG’s extensive HubSpot expertise made the campaign’s ROI higher than expected and exceeded revenue goals.

The website got a significant boost in traffic overall, and social interactions increased dramatically. The newly engaged prospects helped Shari Levitin Group scale its database and begin using HubSpot features more effectively and efficiently in the short and long term. The team was so pleased with ABG’s services, expertise, and professionalism that they continued to rely on them to grow their brand.


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