Biotech Content Marketing Basics for Improved ROI

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Most biotech companies regularly create marketing content such as webinars, presentations, publications, posters…the list goes on (press releases, web pages, blog articles, social posts). Creating and promoting content is essential for advancing growth. Getting the right content in front of the right people increases awareness, builds trust and credibility, and generates opportunities.

The risk of biotech content marketing is that the content you create will either attract, repel, or get missed entirely by the people you want to see it. However, you can improve the chances for success and minimize risk by following four basic steps before spending time and resources on content development.

1. Define Your Purpose and Goals

Define why you’re creating the content – whatever type of content that might be - and what you hope to achieve with it. Once you know the purpose and desired outcomes, you can measure progress and continuously optimize until you reach the most successful results.

2. Know Your Audience

Outline who you want to read your content and why you think they will want to. Understanding your audience and what’s important to them will ensure your content is interesting, relevant, and valuable.

2. Address Content Optimization

Content optimization is the foundation for getting maximum value from each piece of content you develop. It’s the difference between good performance and bad performance. The basic optimization strategies include:

  1. Search engine optimization: Define what target keywords or phrases you want to rank for on Google and include them in the content according to on-page SEO best practices.
  2. Conversion optimization: Create a clear path from the user engaging with the content to converting into an interested lead.
  3. Design & Usability optimization: Follow web and graphic design best practices to ensure the content is easy to read, understand, and use.

4. Create a Content Promotion Plan

Biotech marketing content only has value if people see it, so it’s essential to map out a plan to get it in front of your target audience. Some basic tactics include email marketing, social media, and paid advertising. Of course, there are many more options available to promote your content. Choose the approaches that align most closely with your goals and where your target audience will most likely see your content.

These biotech content marketing basics:

  1. Define your purpose and goals
  2. Know your audience
  3. Address content optimization
  4. Outline a content promotion plan

may seem like a no-brainer on the surface, but in a fast-paced environment, they often get overlooked. Making them a standard practice for your content development efforts will ensure you get the best results from your investment.


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