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Krista Moon, President of Ascend Business Growth, specializes in digital marketing strategies that deliver qualified sales leads. She delivers thousands of leads to small businesses by helping them get discovered, build a following, and become thought leaders in their industry.

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Example of Company-Centric vs. Customer-Centric Content

Using the wrong content at the wrong time can stall the sales process. Here's when to use company-centric vs. customer-centric content.

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A Marketing Success Story: From Startup to $25M Series A and Beyond

Rob Wilson, VP of Marketing at VivoSense, describes how Ascend Business Growth was instrumental in helping the early-stage company achieve the next level of growth.

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8 Sales Challenges Most Companies Face

Technology, data, the Internet, and social media are all evolving at lightning speed, making it difficult (to put it mildly) to create a repeatable marketing and sales process that delivers consistent results. There is so much data and so many channels that it can make your head explode. 🤯

Most companies, especially at the early stage, have one or more of the following sales challenges. If any of them resonate, it's time to act. Identify the issues that have the biggest impact on your bottom line, and then you can fix them! Sounds simple, right? 😄 (It might not be easy, but it is definitely possible.)

Once you have a strong foundation, the fun begins! You'll have more brainpower and bandwidth to think more strategically about your approach and improve it over time. And that means steady and consistent business growth. 👍

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Example of Monthly B2B Digital Marketing for Early-Stage Companies

This infographic outlines the digital marketing deliverables you can expect each month when the plan is firing on all cylinders.

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A 10-Step Strategic Marketing Plan

Answer these 10 questions to create a strategic marketing plan that clearly outlines your approach to business growth.

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Creating Content at Scale: Fast & Cheap or Invest in Quality?

Here are two approaches to creating quality content at scale that attracts and engages your target buyer now and for many years to come.

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Why Blogging Is Important for Business Growth

Good, consistent blogging takes a lot of time, resources, and money to produce articles that your prospects will want to read. Is it worth the effort?

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8 Characteristics of a Top-Notch Business Blog

The most successful business blogs share the following eight characteristics. How does your blog strategy stack up?

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One Thing Every Business Can Do to Get Found on Google

Find out the one thing every business can do to immediately improve their search rankings for terms and phrases relevant to their company.

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4 Online Networking Tips That Increase Your Visibility and Value

Online networking can open the door to countless opportunities. A single person, even someone you barely know, can change the trajectory of your career or life.

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