Outsourced Marketing Services

Choose the Level of Monthly Support that is Right for You

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1. Guided Marketing

We provide special skills.

20 service hours per month to provide your team with technical skills, expert guidance, feedback, advice, recommendations, and other supportive services to ensure your marketing campaigns achieve the best outcomes.


2. Collaborative Marketing

We do it together.

40 service hours per month to divide and conquer! We are part of your marketing team and bring special skills and valued resources that help you build the most effective team at an affordable cost.


3. Turnkey Marketing

We do it for you.

60 service hours per month to be your marketing team, with all of the skills and resources you need to effectively market your company. No need for expensive internal hires and onboarding ramp-up time. We know what to do and have processes already developed to streamline productivity.


*HubSpot purchased separately. Scroll for more details and terms. ↓


  • Build the Tech Stack (HubSpot!)
  • Strategize and Copywrite
  • Develop Campaign Assets
  • Promote Content
  • Create Workflows and Automations
  • Report and Analyze

*Note: Additional charges may be needed to accomplish your objectives.

How We Charge

  • We discuss and agree upon the sales and marketing objectives, priorities, agenda, and time-frames.
  • Each agenda item is translated into a task in Asana project manager to track progress and communication.
  • Time spent on each client meeting or task is tracked minute-to-minute using Harvest time tracker.
  • We regularly check in with you to share how progress measures up to the projections.


  • Payment due upon receipt
  • Each company is different in the level of service and support they need. Additional hours can be purchased if needed to complete the marketing objectives
  • If the level of hours purchased does not match the flow of client work, we will address how to better align the budget with the agenda within 30 days. (i.e., we have hours left over or use them too quickly in the month due to requests and requirements.)

Not Sure What You Need?

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