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4 Page Website

Home | About | Blog | Contact


5 Page Website

Home | About | Blog | Contact

+ 1 product/service/other page


7 Page Website

Home | About | Blog | Contact

+ 3 product/service/other pages


*HubSpot purchased separately. Scroll for more details and terms. ↓


As described on the CMS overview web page.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Messaging & Strategy Optimization
  • Mockups and Wireframes
  • Page Build on HubSpot CMS
  • Go live!

Time to launch: 30 to 90 days.


  • Additional hours may be needed to complete the website. Anything that will slow down the process will be discussed, addressed, and agreed upon at the weekly meetings.
  • Training, ongoing optimization, development, and technical maintenance are sold separately.


  • We discuss and agree upon the objectives, priorities, and pages for your website.
  • We meet weekly with you to keep the project on track: review progress, discuss ideas and plans, collect information, update the agenda, and confirm timelines.
  • We have access to all of the important business information and goals so we can help position you properly to your ICP.
  • You are available to collaborate with us and understand that you may need to spend some time answering questions, gathering information, analyzing and strategizing, meeting with us, and talking with us. Our goal is to showcase you and your value, so we have to get to know you!
  • You have a graphical branding scheme (logo, colors, fonts). If you do not have that, our graphical brand package can get the job done! (Sold separately.)
  • You have a domain and access to your domain manager. (i.e. you have a website domain name that you purchased from GoDaddy, DreamHost, Namecheap, etc.)


  • 1/2 Upon Receipt
  • Final 1/2 due 30 days from purchase date

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