Sales Plan and Playbook

Systematize the Sales Process

Improve Sales Productivity

Standardize Best Practices

Reduce Ramp-Up Time

Empower Your Sales Team

To Close More Deals, Faster

A sales playbook is a detailed guide that outlines best practice processes and plays for engaging with new prospects and guiding them through the buyer's journey. Here's an overview of how we help sales teams create effective sales playbooks. 

Define Sales Process

Set the rules for the game.

Establish aligned processes between sales and marketing for lead follow up and conversion, and define and document CRM policies and standards.

CRM Setup

Get the database ready for action.

Resolve any database issues such as missing or wrong data, and configure fields and record screens as required. Set up contact health analysis dashboards for ongoing monitoring.

Establish Goals

Know the mission.

Outline priority goals and objectives for driving organizational growth. Make them SMART! Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-based.

Develop KPI Reports

Track progress and results.

Outline the ideal process for consistently reporting key performance metrics and ROI. Configure the CRM and dashboards to show key insights for data-driven decision making. 

Define the Target Buyer

Know your ideal profitable customer.

Determine your target audience psycho- and demographics and outline the buyers' journey. Identify the lead qualification criteria, set up a lead scoring process, and configure the CRM and reports as required.

Build the List

Find your top target accounts.

Find the companies and appropriate contacts that meet your ideal profitable customer criteria. Create a list and input as much information about them as possible in the CRM. 

Create Sales Content

Solidify the core messaging and cadence.

Solidify value propositions, unique selling propositions, positioning statements, objection handling, scripts, and templates sellers can use to communicate with prospects.

Training & Coaching

Ensure sellers success.

Create sales training videos and guides for how to use the sales playbook and get the most out of the CRM, plus ongoing consulting, coaching, and support. 

Map Out the Path to Sales Success

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