Sales and Marketing Plan

Discover New Ways to Grow

Map Out the Path to Business Success

Map Out the Path to Business Success

In a fast-changing world, it’s critical to continually review where you’ve been and where you’re headed. We’ll review your current approach to sales and marketing and provide objective analysis, data, reports, insights, and recommendations to help you:

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Pinpoint quick wins and other opportunities for growth
  • Uncover issues that could be holding you back
  • Invest your sales and marketing budget wisely

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Maximize Your Sales and Marketing ROI

With a Holistic Approach

We meet with key stakeholders for a deep dive into your business, then do research and pull reports and data. You'll receive expert recommendations, budget projections, and options for growing your company efficiently and profitably.  Here are twelve components we focus on.

Build the Team

Define roles and responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders vested in growth.

Establish Goals

Outline the goals and objectives that are the impetus behind the sales and marketing plan.

Review Competitors

Identify competitor strengths and weaknesses to reveal opportunities to gain market share.

Create Buyer Personas

Determine your target audience psycho- and demographics and outline the buyers' journey.

Organize Contacts

Evaluate and prep current contact lists for use in new sales and marketing initiatives.

List Target Keywords

Create a list of top keywords and phrases most relevant to your business and buyers.

Solidify Core Messaging

Solidify value propositions, unique selling propositions, and positioning statements.

Outline Website Plan

Complete a website evaluation and develop a plan to increase conversions and engagement.

Prioritize Marketing

Prioritize promotion and lead generation activities, (i.e., SEO, email, social, ads).

Define Sales Process

Establish aligned processes between sales and marketing for lead follow up and conversion.

Choose Tech Stack

Determine what tech stack is best suited to efficiently implementing growth initiatives.

Develop KPI Reports

Outline the ideal process for consistently reporting key performance metrics and ROI.


You can contract with us to fully execute the plan or assist you and your team. You can also go DIY - it's yours to keep!

Our Core Competencies

25+ Years of Sales and Marketing Experience

We’re not old-school. Technology, data, research, best practices, and experience drive our decision-making and recommendations.

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