CRM and Tech Admin

Leverage the Full Power of HubSpot Tech Stack

Maintain Accurate Data and Technical Correctness

Improve sales productivity, standardize best practices, and reduce ramp-up time.

Define Sales Process

Set the rules for the game.

Establish aligned processes between sales and marketing for lead follow up and conversion, and define and document CRM policies and standards.

CRM Setup

Get the database ready for action.

Resolve any database issues such as missing or wrong data, and configure fields and record screens as required. Set up contact health analysis dashboards for ongoing monitoring.

Develop KPI Reports

Track progress and results.

Outline the ideal process for consistently reporting key performance metrics and ROI. Configure the CRM and dashboards to show key insights for data-driven decision making. 

Data Cleaning

Ensure Data Accuracy

Create workflows and processes to maintain clean data as contacts move throughout the sales cycle. 

Email Deliverability

Communicate Effectively

Create processes and workflows to ensure the maximum number of people sent emails get delivered emails. 

List Import and Views

Find Hot Prospects

Import leads lists and create contact, company, and deal views for sellers to monitor and work.

GDPR and Other Laws

Follow the Rules

Minimize risk and avoid unnecessary legal action by setting up workflows and processes to follow GDPR and other privacy laws.

Process Workflows

Automate work

Make it as easy as possible for stakeholders to use the CRM to collect and process as much data as possible while minimizing data entry. 

Technical Correctness

Fire on All Cylinders

Monitor HubSpot upgrades and advancements and ensure everything works according to best practices. 

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