Private Biotechnology Co-Growth Group

Advancing Business Growth for Biotech Companies

The Biotechnology Co-Growth Group is a small coalition of non-competitive, interrelated sensor and biotechnology companies that help each other grow and scale through aligned sales and marketing initiatives.

Drive Business Growth Through Collaboration

Collaborating with other organizations that share a similar target buyer is a fast and effective way to increase awareness and expand your reach to your ideal profitable customers. With the right allies and partners, companies can scale more quickly.


  • Joint webinars: Jointly presenting on topics, promoting the event to their respective audiences, sharing the list of registrants, and aligning follow-up messaging.
  • Email marketing: Promoting relevant blogs, events, or other information to respective email lists.
  • Social media: Same as email marketing, but on social media.
  • Guest blogging: Writing relevant articles for partner blogs, creating an opportunity for their readers to learn about you and vice versa.
  • Backlinks for SEO: Find ways to link back and forth between partner websites. Relevant companies that link to you significantly boost SEO.


When biotech companies have synergistic products and services, they can partner on deals to drive more sales and provide more robust solutions for clients.

Find out of the Biotechnology Co-Growth group can add value to your organization. 

Benefits of the Biotech Co-Growth Group

  1. Share marketing costs and get greater ROI.

  2. Increase visibility and awareness of your organization in the marketplace.

  3. Get more meetings and close more deals with key target accounts.

  4. Interdisciplinary collaboration to promote biotechnology research.

  5. Discover new use-cases.

  6. Best practices development to advance company growth goals.

    • Monthly Lunch-n-Learns on relevant growth topics.
    • Mastermind sessions to tackle common problems and share best practices.
    • LinkedIn group for networking, relationship building, and partnerships.

How it Works

The Biotechnology Co-Growth Group is facilitated by the Group Ambassador, Ascend Business Growth. They are an outsource business growth agency with experienced sales and marketing consultants that provide growth strategies and services for U.S. biotech companies that want to scale with at least $3m in funding and 10+ employees.

The Group Ambassador Will:

  • Find potential new members and let them know about the group.
  • Answer questions and help interested parties explore if there is a mutual benefit to joining.
  • Facilitate co-marketing initiatives between group members.
  • Provide strategic guidance on how to use sales and marketing initiatives to advance company growth goals.

The Group Participants Can:

  • Request co-marketing or co-sell engagements with other members.
  • Work directly with other members or through the Group Ambassador to coordinate co-marketing or co-sell activities.
  • Get strategic guidance on growth strategies from the Group Ambassador or other biotech leaders.

Characteristics of a Good Co-Growth Partner

The best co-growth partners have a strong foundation for growth. For example, if an organization doesn't have an email list or social following, they have no one for co-growth partners to try to reach! Here are some characteristics the highest value partners have that can add value for reciprocal joint marketing and sales.


  • $3M+ annual revenue
  • Or a recent round of funding

Online Presence

  • Decent Alexa rating
  • User-friendly website 
  • High-value blog articles
  • Active lead generation campaigns
  • Best-practice SEO

Engaged Audience

  • Social media followers and interaction
  • Email subscribers with strong open and click rates
  • Website visitors with high time on page and low bounce rates

Strong Sales Pipeline

  • Accurate and up-to-date contact and sales data
  • Steady flow of interested prospects
  • Good conversion rate from prospect to deal to close
  • Clear visibility into pipeline progress via reports and dashboards

Don’t have the ideal characteristics? No worries, we can help! Request an advisory call to discuss ideas and options for building a sales and marketing system optimized for growth.

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Learn More About Being Part of the Biotechnology Co-Growth Group

This is a private group for sensor and biotechnology companies. There is no cost to join, but we need to talk first to make sure it's a good fit for your organization and discuss how it aligns with your other business growth initiatives.